We stock a large range of bikes from the top brands, our flagship brand being Orbea!

As an official Orbea Dealer, we can recommend and supply the best Orbea bike for your requirements. Whether your are up the mountain, on the roads or going electric, we have you covered.

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With a family of bicycles designed to suit every rider, Orbea offers a bike for every step of the ride, from full suspension Enduro mountain bikes to featherweight Grand Tour racing steeds. Bikes for sheer enjoyment, for unending miles through the forest, and for the pinnacle of performance. Orbea is cycling because they are fluid, able to adapt to the needs of every rider like a cyclist reading a corner.


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The Orbea road bikes have fought stiff competition to become some of the best road bikes of all times. They keep getting lighter, stiffer and faster. These bikes have great handling and impeccable brakes thus ensuring that the rider enjoys a reliable and comfortable ride.

See the full range on the Orbea Website here