MONARCH R C1-D2 2014-2018, RT C1-D2 2014-2018, MONARCH RL B1-C2 2014-2018, RT3 C1-C3 2014-2015

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MONARCH R C1-D2 (2014-2018)/ RT C1-D2 (2014-2018)

MONARCH RL B1-C2 (2014-2018) / RT3 C1-C3 (2014-2015)



This is may not be every part available.

Please ensure you order the correct year/model parts by using the latest Rockshox Spare Parts Catalogue. This can be viewed at and found in the attached resources below.

You can search for parts in the Sprint 3 stocklist by typing the SRAM part number

e.g. 11.4310.265.000